Starting again (again)

We’re already into the fifth month of the year and I’m no nearer completing my manuscript. What have I done so far in 2019?

  • Chose my genre
  • Read in my genre
  • Took a writing course outside my genre, which gave me great tips for successful first chapters
  • Fell down a social media hole for over a month, then decided to worry about social media once I have a book to sell
  • Did quite a lot of writing but not as much as I would like
  • Did some other life stuff

Last night and this morning I planned out a new story. It’s a romance with fairies.

I have an overall plot arc and have planned the first three chapters in more detail. I started writing the first scene than ran out of steam.

I’ve decided not to bother with social media but I do find keeping a writing journal to be useful. So I’ll do that for now.