Secular witchcraft as a self-care activity

This year I decided to take up secular witchcraft as a self-care activity.

I’m hesitant to define secular witchcraft because it means diferent things to different people. To me it’s non-religious, does not involve gods or spirits, is Earth centred and chi focused.

Whether or not natural objects really do give out energy is neither here nor there to me. What counts is that believing in the energy makes me feel better.

Magic is based on the belief that humans can call on natural energies to change the world. In some types of witchcraft, magic involves calling on spiritual beings who are part of nature.

For me magic is rather like prayer. It’s done to gain a sense of control and order, to connect to something greater (in this case Earth), and to acknowledge* events in life.

*If I am unhappy about something and do not even talk about it, I risk bottling it up. If I talk about it over and over I risk rumination. If I mark the issue with a little light magic, I give myself the chance to confront it and move on.

On the recommendation of another blogger I bought The Element Encyclopaedia of 5000 Spells. For an urban fantasy writer it’s an interesting resource. For a secular witch it’s a fascinating look at the spells that some people are casting.

What interests me is moonlight, starlight and sunlight and the growing energies of plants.